Let's face it - I'm a writer. So you'd think I'd write - right? In fact, you'd think I'd have been blogging since the olden days... handwriting a parchment with a plumed quill, flagging down the nearest pigeon and strapping my scrawls to its scaly leg.

Nope. I've been a bit slow on the uptake. I've been writing for other people, of course - ghostwriting novels, autobiographies and scripts. More of that to follow - it's how I've earned my living full-time for the last four years - that and lifecoaching and training. But writing for myself? Directly to people, in my own voice? Without getting paid for it? Nope. Facebook has been the limit of my musings. Or Twitter, with its 140 character limit. And, ironically, I've been ghostwriting other people's blogs instead of my own. Why haven't I been blogging myself silly for the last decade? I think because I saw it as something I hadn't the time for - an indulgence, like an ice-cream. I had a compulsion to make sure that I could pay the bills. And the crazy thing is - I love ice cream! It's an essential pleasure. Sometimes, you've just got to afford yourself that luxury. So, here I go! 

But what am I talking about? Blogging isn't even a luxury. These days it's also an essential marketing tool. But although I've been business-like and promoted myself and my services, I've never been big on being 'The Big I Am' and REALLY pushing myself, like those in-your-face American videos, webinars and emails tell you to do. The red font, the exclamation marks (although I am a lover of exclamation marks!), the imperative tone and phrasing... the twenty chances to buy my services through the links periodically dropped into the text - 'BUY NOW! - YES, LINDA, SIGN ME UP - I'D BE A FOOL NOT TO! - I REALLY NEED YOU - YOU ARE THE ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS! - GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!!!!!'

That's just not me. I'm straightforward, honest and always work with integrity. And they're not just words. I am honest to the point of daftness. "Oh, I know I gave an estimate of £200, but I enjoyed it so much it went really quickly. So it didn't take as long as I thought. So here - please take 25% of that back. No - honestly. It was a pleasure. Wait. In fact, it was such a pleasure that I should be paying you! Here - let me give you it all back - and please invoice me for £200!"

Well, maybe I'm exaggerating. Maybe I'm not THAT daft. But you know what I mean.

What I'm saying is - I'm blogging now not for the hard sell. In fact, I'm finding it quite fun. I'll probably do it again.

Reasons to be blogging:
  •     Express yourself!
  •     Raise your business profile.
  •     Improve communications with clients and prospective clients.
  •     Let people get to know you, your thoughts, your personality.
  •     Do something different!
That's not a definitive list, of course. If you were paying me to write this blog, I'd be doing research and making erudite comments and giving you soundbites that you can tweet to colleagues. But this is my blog, and it's essentially me and what's on my mind just now.

What you see is what you get. But that's not all there is to me, of course. Or this blogging mullarkey. There's still a lot beneath the surface, and lots to come!

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