Have you ever had that feeling, as a freelancer, that you don't know where the money for the next month's bills are coming from? Every month, huh? And, whether or not it's the magnetic power of the law of attraction, somehow something always comes up!

It can't possibly be the law of attraction, actually, because if you're afraid of not being able to pay the bills, or worrying about lack - apparently that's the worst possible thing you can do! It's too many negatives! You're supposed to believe in abundance, and be positive!

I have had the great fortune to have some ongoing work over a number of months, where I can rely on a regular income. Small, but beautifully formed, and much appreciated. But as yet, I don't regularly have enough of that work that will cover the bills. As yet. And - yet - miraculously, I have never been overdrawn, and have always paid my bills over the last four years! Yes. Thank you. I applaud myself and take a bow.

Mostly, I've achieved this by juggling. Getting short term, short jobs that can be done fast and pay quickly, to supplement my modest income from regular loger term work. And so far, I haven't had to sell the family jewels. Which is just as well, because there aren't any. I do have a few art deco plates in the loft, though.

And when the longer term, monthly paid jobs run out, I get some more. This is surprisingly laid-back behaviour for a Taurean, security-loving worrier (as was). I used to think I needed a 'proper' salaried job to assuage my anxiety about covering the cost of living. Consequently, I wasted nearly 30 years! You see, I've always wanted to write, but somehow had the mistaken belief that I wouldn't be able to make a living from it. Wrong! It just goes to show that you can do anything you put your mind to, if you really go for it! NLP did a lot to get me into this way of thinking - removing barriers caused by limiting beliefs, thinking positively, persisting and being creative.

The way I started to convince myself that earning my own living was a possibility was by listing all the possible ways I could make money. I had a lovely little hardback book (which I still have), with sections with different coloured pages. I had one section of pages of 'ideas for businesses', one set of pages of 'my skills and talents', one 'moneymaking ideas' - and ways I can monetise my other ideas. It opened up my mind to the range of possibilities. For example, in my skills, etc - I could train, coach, write (with a whole section on all the different things I could write). In my moneymaking ideas list, I could sell any e-books I'd written, or even sell my vast collection of books at a car boot sale if I wanted to!

From that, I started to break down the steps it would take to achieve any of those ideas - like - promoting my business - different ways to let people know what I was doing. People to approach, ways to approach them - word of mouth, newspaper advertising, flyers, referrals.

Pretty soon, I was on fire! And in fact, it seemed there was nothing to stop me and everything to gain by just 'going for it'!

Best thing I ever did. So, if you have hopes and wishes or dreams, turn them into aims and goals by writing a plan of action - and taking action!

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